AMS Korea
Recruiters and Advisors for Teaching English in South Korea


AMS Korea is dedicated to providing full support during the VISA application process. The procedures required can seem quite confusing to new applicants; that is why we are committed to providing informative, timely support every step of the way. If you have any questions about teaching in Korea please contact us.

Required documents for VISA application:

1.) Your resume

2.) Your diploma (Bachelor’s or higher)

3.) Official college transcripts (2 copies)
*Please make sure that the back of the envelope wherein your transcript is enclosed has your school’s official seal and/or the Registrar’s signature. It must be sealed and unopened.

4.) Photocopy of your passport (pages 1&2).
The photocopy of your passport should include both pages 1&2 attached together on one sheet.
*After you have been placed, you will have to sign some documents including your teaching contract. Your signature must be identical to the one that appears on your passport.

5.) 3 passport-sized photos

6 Criminal background check:

Effective January 2011, a nation-wide criminal background check is required.

TO AMERICAN APPLICANTS ONLY: A state level criminal background check is NO longer acceptable. It has to be a federal check that covers all 50 states, which can be ordered through the FBI. Please go visit and order ASAP, because it could take up to 3 months to process. Please be aware that your federal check has to receive an Apostille which can be obtained from your state government. Please note however that there are states that do not Apostille a federal document and your FBI check is a federal document. Please call your state and find out whether or not they will Apostille your fbi check. If not, you will have to send your CBC to the Department of State in Washington DC. Visit their web site for information on Apostille. Please know that this will take 2 – 3 weeks overall if done by mail. I suggest you include a prepaid, self addressed overnight mail envelope in the package you are sending to Washington DC.


Your diploma copy is another document that needs an Apostille, which can be obtained on a state level as it is not a federal document.

7.) Health Statement
This form is required by Korean immigration. Once you have arrived, you will be required to submit to a medical check at a designated hospital.

8.) 3 signed copies of employment contract

Required Procedures:
Once all of these documents have been gathered and are in order you will need to send them to our office in South Korea for submission to immigration. We strongly recommend that you use a reputable shipping company, preferably UPS, FEDEX, or DHL. The U.S. Postal service can be very unreliable when it comes to international shipping.

After we have received your documents they will be submitted to immigration. Once immigration approves your application, they will issue a “VISA Confirmation Number”. This number will be submitted to your local Korean Consulate along with your passport, and a consulate interview form.
Certain consulates require an “interview” before they will issue your VISA. If this is the case, you will need to visit the consulate in person, along with your VISA number and passport. For those who live a great distance away from the nearest consulate, you may be able to do an interview via webcam or over the phone, depending on the particular consulate.

After this process is complete it normally takes approximately 2 business days to process your VISA. Certain consulates may take longer, for example, the Korean Consulate in Chicago normally takes about 5 days.